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01/15/10 - Tokyo

I am with Pascal Lebegue in Tokyo for a week shooting a commercial for Disney. Great way to start the year!! PS: someone oughta tell Disney princesses that they are not ACTUAL princesses, it's not for real!


12/21/09 - December beauty

Thank you ladies for using make-up: that kept me working in december! Did a L'Oreal spot with Eva Longoria and 2 Revlon spots with Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel. Oh and I did also a few spots for Jenny Craig, but writing on this blog "Thank you ladies for thinking you need to loose weight" didn't sound as nice.


11/01/09 - Spain

Having an awesome time with my friend Matt Uhry in Barcelona shooting a video for british singer Charlie Winston, starring french actress Audrey Tautou (Amelie...). Definitely not your usual music video with lots of skin and glitter! 35 anamorphic, nice! Funny how this picture of Audrey looks like the Nestle grandma in the post below!


Watch it here!

08/25/09 - Nestle

Shot a Nestle commercial with DP Anton Klima. Learned a great trick from art department: scare your friends! Serve them a cup of hot chocolate (Nestle of course!) with an Alka-Seltzer tablet in it! Looks like that thing is going to attack you just like in a John Carpenter movie! Special greetings to Belgian key grip Kurt Reybrouck who has been kind enough to read my blog and email me about it!! This is a small world, maybe we'll get to work together one day!


07/03/09 - Red Primes

Now available for rental our brand new set of Red primes! 25, 35, 50, 85 and 100mm. Call for details!


06/28/09 - San Francisco

Matt and I spent almost the entire month shooting different spots for Sony and Nokia up in and around San Francisco. City, beach, vineyards etc... Was so much fun!


04/22/09 - NAB Las Vegas!

My friend/partner Jake Kerber and I drove to Vegas for NAB to check out RED primes and other cool toys (soon for rental!). We also went to the International Lingerie Show to check out other cool toys (soon for rental too!). NOW thanks to us your shoots will be smoother than ever! Call for more info! Feels nice to bring together Brazilian camera technology and German lingerie... oh wait! the other way around makes more sense....


04/15/09 - Christina Aguilera

Britney called the other day and she goes "Nico, my BFF from MMC is doing a commercial for her new fragrance, wanna do it?", "Fosho Brit! hook me up! thx!". So voila! We shot Christina "somewhere" doing "something" but I can't disclose anything!! Thanks to my friend Rich Pereksta for his wonderful support, and congrats on your wedding Rich! 


03/15/09 - L'Oreal, because I'm worth it.

Another fun shoot with Pascal Lebegue for L'Oreal with Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy). Patrick really had a hard time delivering his lines in french for the... french version, so he came up with the brilliant idea of him shaving me on camera while I say: "L'Oreal, parce que je le vaux bien." This idea was not approved by the client. Directed by James Gray (We Own the Night).


03/11/09 - Faith Hill

Times are tough. Everyone knows that. Well there is one good news: Country singer Faith Hill came up with a new fragrance: Faith Hill Parfum. Commercial shot by Pascal Lebegue.


02/13/09 - "Not Anymore"

Another music video with Pascal Lebegue for R&B artist LeToya. We shot inside a bus driving thru Griffith Park and on stage in Silverlake. We were going to shoot anamorphic but instead went for 1.85:1 using those Blue Vision filters.  Thanks again to my partners in crime Rich Pereksta (see picture) and Ian Sherrington.


02/11/09 - Would you like to Tango?

Here's another cool head I just added to my collection: the (french engineered) Tango II. It is a swing head that allows dutch angles up to 45 degrees. Also very helpful for quick leveling or get the extra couple inches in camera height you sometimes need...


02/10/09 - Britney again...

Just wrapped Britney Spears upcoming video "If U Seek Amy" with Pascal Lebegue and Jake Nava directing. Sorry no comment or pictures allowed on that one but it'll come out in just a few weeks!!! Just happy a bunch of my gear came in handy to make some good shots happen!


01/28/09 - "Japanese Britney"

Utada was her name. Pascal Lebegue shot this "Come back to me" music video directed by Anthony Mandler. Anamorphic of course! We were at this amazing mansion in Beverly Hills that was owned by some huge art director in the 40's/50's. In the picture, one of the hundreds of items you could find there. Definitely our favorite.


01/20/09 - Lambda in the house!

I just love camera supports and being able to put a camera wherever it needs to be! Here's one of my favorite: the Cartoni Lambda head! Now available for rental! Ask my cat how great that Lambda is... He already thinks he's gonna be the next MGM lion!


01/17/09 - Dell

What an awesome job to start an awesome year! Matt and I did this Dell job with argentinian director Augustin Alberti on our RED using also my motion control Talon head. Very Michel Gondry-like spot, with very precise choreography and timing. Can't wait to see it because honnestly I don't think anyone but the director really knew what was going on! (or maybe I'm just too slow...)


12/22/08 -

4 different spots for Absolute Poker shot by Matt Uhry on our RED. Thank you Ian for your kind help! And..... That's a wrap on 2008!


12/18/08 - Pantene

Another beauty commercial with Pascal Lebegue for Pantene shampoo. We got super lucky with the weather on our exterior day... Again with Rich Pereksta and Ian Sherrington.


12/11/08 - Revlon

Shooting a Revlon commercial with Jessica Alba on the Paramount lot. In the spot, she is filming a spy movie. Directed by Jake Nava, shot by Pascal Lebegue. AC's are Rich Pereksta and Ian Sherrington. In the picture, Pascal and gaffer Mike Butler during pre-light.


11/05/08 - Prairie Heart

We shot two spots for the Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois yesterday. Shot on the RED of course and directed by Rafael Fernandez. In the picture below Rafael Fernandez and Matt Uhry line up a shot.


10/28/08 - John Frieda

Just wrapped a 2 day commercial for John Frieda "root awakening" hair products. With the kind help of Panavision Hollywood, we came up with a "3D" filter holder (using 2 Noga arms) so we could place split diopters anywhere we wanted in front of the lens. Directed by Bruno Sauvard and shot by french DP Riego van Wersch. AC's: Jeff Nolde and Bodie Orman.


08/11/08 - Disney - day 1

Matt and I started today a 9 day shoot for Disney. Oh Guess what? we're shooting on our RED! This is no Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, this is "Extreme Disney"!!! Featuring our favorite DIT Brook Willard and AC Leo Abraham.


08/03/08 - R Kelly

Just wrapped this R Kelly video with Pascal Lebegue. 2 days shoot. 35mm anamorphic. Smoke. Fire. Wind. Rain. Fun. Directed by Anthony Mandler.


07/23/08 - Talon remote head

I just added to my equipment list the new Talon head from Ravensclaw. 2 axis super smooth with nice wheels. Of course it goes on my jib and it has motion control features: Imagine! You can record up to 1 hour of camera moves and do up to 2000 takes! Hope this doesn't give you any bad ideas!!!


07/18/08 - the Golden Boy & the Mexican Lottery

Matt and I shot a spot for the Mexican Lottery with Oscar de la Hoya today on our RED camera of course... Oscar fights some demons and knocks them down. It was pretty impressive when we shot the monster's POV.


06/13/08 - HP commercial

Matt, Kerber and I just did this HP spot with our beloved red camera, starring Shaun White, Gold medalist at the last winter Olympics (we're still trying to find out what city hosted). Also starring Rob Givens, Brook Willard and Celine Diano in our rockstar camera department.


06/10/08 - I'll be loving Mariah Carey long time

Just wrapped Mariah Carey's upcoming video "I'll be loving you long time" in Honolulu with Pascal Lebegue. Two days at the beach playing with dolphins! Directed by Chris Applebaum, super nice and super talented. Check out his work His stuff is beautiful!


05/09/08 - Shiseido commercial

Another commercial with Pascal Lebegue for Shiseido "Integrate" japanese cosmetics. The song is still in my head!(IN-TE-GRATE!IN-TE-GRATE!) I can't sleep at night!(IN-TE-GRATE!)2 days in downtown and 1 day at The Lot about 10 seconds away from my place... niiice! Went super smooth thanks to Super-AC's Rich Pereksta, Jaxon Woods and Bodie Orman.


04/28/08 - Merci youtube!
here's a bunch of spots I worked on these past few months and I wanted to share them with you! enjoy!


Longines watches

Sony Ericsson

04/25/08 - Sony commercial. Red camera.
Matt and I shot two Sony spots with our RED camera. Here Matt is operating a table-top product shot on my skater dolly.


03/25/08 - Cunnie Williams

Matt and I shot a music video for singer Cunnie Williams. very 70's... Here's a picture of Matt operating our RED camera. OH wait! wrong picture!!!


03/23/08 - Nature's call
I spent this entire Easter sunday with my photographer/sister Marie taking pictures of animals at Joshua Tree national park. It was a blast!


02/27/08 - La Vie en RED
My DP partners (Matt Uhry and Jake Kerber) and I finally have our RED camera package ready to go! Please call for any info!


02/24/08 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (or was it really work?)
Pascal Lebegue asked me to come down with him to Rio for a week to "shoot a hundred girls walking around a swimming pool in bikini". I said yes. We had this girl diving off a 30' high plateform into a pool. She reminded me of the statue behind me on the right. Guess that guy used to be a famous diver.


01/20/08 - Mac Cafe
Shooting two MacDonald's commercials this week end with Pascal Lebegue. Wonderful camera crew as usual (Rich Pereksta and Jamie Rauch). For lunch we had paella and filet mignon. Can't wait for that filet mignon commercial, maybe they'll serve caviar at crafty?


01/06/08 - Hawaiian vacation
Just spent two weeks in Paris with my family and one week in Hawaii (without my family) for the holidays. It was good to swim in warm hawaiian waters, trust me........


11/28/07 - "desert fun"...
... was the title of that spot for Kohl's I worked on today directed by Stephane Sednaoui and photographed by Pascal Lebegue. We shot at the Dumont dunes near Baker (where the world-famous giant thermometer stands on the way to Las Vegas)


11/20/07 - in Las Vegas with Andre Agassi
French DP Pascal Lebegue, AFC shot this commercial with tennis player Andre Agassi in Las Vegas today. Left: Andre Agassi on his school bus. Right: Pascal Lebegue setting up a dolly shot.


11/14/07 - "Los Bastardos" is wrapped
We wrapped "Los Bastardos" yesterday. Cant wait to see it!


11/04/07 - "Los Bastardos" day 21
My DP/friend Matt Uhry and I have been working on "Los Bastardos" for the past 4 weeks, with the wonderful help of Rich Pereksta. One more week to go on this mexican feature we're shooting 35mm anamorphic. On the left, Matt and director Amat Escalante line up a jib shot. On the right, that very jib shot...


11/01/07 - "Break a leg!" as we say in show business...
"STELLET LICHT" on which I did Steadicam earlier this year, is Mexico's official entry to the 2008 Academy Awards for Best Foreign film. Now THAT's pleasant news to hear...


10/07/07 - Mojave, Africa.
I'm doing two days of steadicam on "The Adventures of Umbweki", starring Gary Coleman. we're shooting the African scenes in the Mojave desert. not sure if the Joshua trees will give it away or not...


09/03/07 - Green Flash
Today I started shooting "Green Flash", an HD feature starring French super-movie-star David Charvet (Baywatch). I'm operating B camera, Jib and Steadicam on it and we go until the end of september. DP is David Waldman.


08/30/07 - Another baby in the family!
His name is "SLIDER", he is 4 feet long, has 360 degree swivel option and a nice Mitchell base... Call for rental!


08/27/07 - Alejandro Fernandez
Another one in the can with DP Pedro Castro! We shot a music video for mexican popstar(!) Alejandro Fernandez in Downtown LA. It was a tough one and I was glad to have Rich help me out!


08/12/07 - Robert's world
DP Pedro Castro shot this swedish commercial with director Jakob Strom. I did steadicam on that. AC's were Rich Pereksta, Rob Givens and Yordi Martinez. Real fun team. We had a great time and I think it's gonna look really good.



08/10/07 - Gimme more Britney!
Second day shooting Britney Spears' upcoming video "Gimme More". I did Steadicam and Jib on that. When Britney saw playback on my steadicam shots, she told me it was "cute". I'll take that as a compliment... Jake Sarfati directed and DPed the video. Rich Pereksta was my 1st Ac.



08/06/07 - My new baby!
I just added to my equipment list the new PS TECHNIK SKATER mini dolly. My Friend Matt UHRY and I used it on our last music video shoot for SUM 41. I just loved it so much i had to get my own! Check out the demo by clicking the link below. It's a cool toy!



05/31/07 - The Objective in Morocco
Just got back from shooting "the Objective" the latest horror film by "Blair Witch Project" co-director Daniel Myrick. We shot 4 weeks around Ouarzazate, where all those big movies like Kundun or Babel were shot.